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Meta Tags


Use the form below to generate your Description and Keyword Meta Tags. Don't forget to add your title and the last 3 meta tags below. The form will not allow you to exceed your Description or Keyword character limit. For help choosing keywords try
Site Description
(Describe the site using Primary and Secondary Keyword combinations)
(Vary your keyword combinations, separate by comma's, and use phrases)

Paste between the <HEAD> Tags </HEAD> of your HTML document.

Next, copy and insert your meta tag data between your HEAD Tags as shown below:

<META name="Description" content="PAGE-DESCRIPTION">
<META http-equiv="Keywords" content="PAGE-KEYWORDS">
<META name="Robots" content="all, index, follow">
<META name="revisit-after" content="30 days">
<Meta name="distribution" content="global">


*Add the last three meta tags manually.
<META name="Robots" content="All"> Tells the search engine to index all of the website pages linked.
<META name="revisit-after" content="30 days"> Tells the search engine to revisit your site every 30 days.

<Meta name="distribution" content="global"> Tells the search engine that your page has global relevance.


Other Tricks are:

<meta name="index" content="keyword-content">

<!--comment tags with key content on the outsite of the <html> tags and inside the <body> of your code -->

Alt tags <img src="image.gif" alt="keywords, keep it short">

<input type="hidden" content="keycontent">