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What’s In a Name?

Yappo Dollars has got to have one of the most unusual names when it comes to sponsors that I’ve ever come across. The name has had me intrigued for quite some time now and yesterday I finally got a chance to look at Yappo Dollars.

Straight off I have to tell you that it’s not the highest paying program you’ll ever see for it only pays 25% rev-share commission but that doesn’t mean you should forget about promoting them. Yappo Dollars has two sites … Yappo and Gay Yappo and if the name intrigued me then it’s going to intrigue your surfers too and a single banner or link could send a lot of traffic over to Yappo or Gay Yappo.

You’ll find that there are also some other options for affiliates when it comes to promoting Yappo Dollars and it’s something that could definitely be worth looking at regardless of what type of sites you’re running.