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Very Tasty Promo

Tasty Dollars have announced a very tasty promo that will run for two weeks from January 19 right through to January 31 to celebrate the second birthday of Tasty Tara, a solo girl site that’s been quite popular over those whole two years.

Head over to the Tasty Dollars sites to get all the details and you’ll find that there are a range of bonuses depending on how many sales you send to Tasty Tara in that two week period. If you can send them 40 sales in that two week period you will earn a $600 bonus.

Also to celebrate the birthday of Tasty Tara Tasty Dollars have made some improvements to the tour so it should be even easier to make those all important sales. Tasty Dollars have also released some new galleries to join the more than 100 free hosted galleries and 20 free hosted sites that Tasty Dollars already has for affiliates to use.