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Peel Ads

If you’re not quite sure what a peel ad might be then let me explain. It’s an ad that fits into a normal web page but seems to curl back one of the corners of the page. When a surfer clicks on the ‘peel’ it takes him to a new page. It’s something different and you may find that lots of people will click on that just out of curiosity.

And now Spunky Cash is offering peel ads to their affiliates. You may not have heard of Spunky Cash either but they’ve been out there for some years running a program that features a lot of solo girl sites that feature non-nude softcore content. Spunky Cash offers a 50% revshare program along with a huge amount of promotional material for affiliates to use.

Check out the Spunky Cash listing here at Master Zone X and you’ll see that they really do have a lot of sites for you to promote. The girls are all teens but there is plenty of variety there to appeal to your surfers. While you may think that non-nude sites don’t convert or retain all that well Spunky Cash has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that there is a lot of attraction and a lot of stickiness for their sites so perhaps you should run a few tests to see just how appealing they might be for your traffic.