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Lesser Known Sponsors 2

Yesterday I talked about the advantages of offering your surfers sites from sponsors that weren’t quite as well known as the sponsors that most people use. Today I thought we might look at another lesser-known sponsor who has some great sites for affiliates to promote.

Porno Payouts only has three sites for affiliates to promote but there’s no doubt that those three sites have got a lot of attraction for surfers. The three sites that Porno Payouts operates are Dark Dick - a very nasty interracial site; Movie Drive - the name says it all and Goo Girls - a cum site that really will blow your surfers away.

Porno Payouts not only offers $40.00 per join for affiliates but they also pay 70% rev-share if you like to keep cashing in on signups that you’ve already sent. You’ll find that Porno Payouts has plenty of promo tools for affiliates too.