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Hot New Anal Tour

Freak Bucks has just announced a new tour for their and I have to say that it does look good. If you head over to the page here at Masterzone X you’ll still see the old tour in the screen grab but I can tell you that the new tour should convert very well.

Freak Bucks have managed to come up with one of the most explicit anal tours for that you’ll ever see so it’s definitely going to blow your surfers away and when you combine that tour with some of the natural hotties that have had their asses stretched for the site then it’s not going to be hard to get sales.

Freak Bucks have got fresh new free content for affiliates to use along with all the usual free hosted galleries, banners etc.

While you’re over at Freak Bucks check out some of their other sites because they’ve got some nasty niche sites such as Pregnant Freaks and Freaky Midgets too.