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High Definition

These days high definition sites seems to be all the rage as affiliates try to tap into market that caters for surfers on high-speed Internet connections. Of course if you’re promoting those sites you have to remember that you’re shutting yourself off from those on dial-up but if that’s what you want to do then High Def Riches is definitely a sponsor worth looking at.

I’ve been inside the sites in the High Def Riches portfolio and they certainly do provide some great content that will attract your surfers. They have 10 sites for you to promote including Exclusive Porn Pass - a site that sells on the basis of giving members access to all the other sites in their portfolio.

Other sites that are definitely worth looking at are Feet Pumpers, Spicy Matures and Meat Melons. Affiliates get plenty of top quality promo material including free hosted galleries that are updated every week.