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Go Gay … or Bi

Just about every sponsor on the planet has at least one gay site in their portfolio but the sites that really do appeal to your gay surfers are often those that are produced by sponsors like Gay Gravy that specialize in the gay side of adult.

Gay Gravy only has a small portfolio of sites but each of the the sites that has gay focus is clearly targeted at a different niche and so you may find that they will be easier to sell to your gay and gay-curious surfers. Sites like Dirty Thirty Club, Brazil Blow and Leather Bang are all worth looking at and if you haven’t got a lot of gay traffic you’re sure to have quite a few surfers who are bi-curious and Gay Gravy has you covered there too.

Gay Gravy’s Bi Archive promises 100% bi content and the tour certainly seems to hit all the right buttons to appeal to bi guys. Not only that, Bi Archive is a movie download site so your surfers are definitely going to be interested.