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A Lesser Known Sponsor

One of the biggest problems that all affiliates face is that we’re all promoting the same sites and that means that most of your surfers have already seen advertising for the sites your advertising. There are times when that can work for you but more often than not is simply a matter of over-exposure. That’s why it’s a good idea to go looking for good sites and sponsors that don’t get a lot of exposure.

Spunkbucks is one of those sponsors. They’ve got some great sites that you don’t see advertised all over the place … and they offer pay-per-signup too. Spunkbucks also have an interesting new gallery tool that should make live easy for their affiliates. That new tool is a custom point and click FHG builder/exporter that definitely looks interesting.

Those Spunkbucks sites that you should think about promoting include Eat Some Ass, Jizz on my Glasses and Spunk Mouth. Spunk Pass is also worth promoting because it makes the offer of all the sites for the price of one.