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You Don’t See This Every Day

One thing you don’t see every day in this industry is a senior rep from one sponsor praising the sites of a competitor but that’s exactly what I just saw on an adult webmaster board. The site getting all the praise was Blazing Bucks and the praise was for the high quality sites that Blazing Bucks now has for affiliates to promote.

Head over to the Blazing Bucks page and you’ll see some of them listed there and they certainly do look like sites that will convert well. I suppose that if I had to choose which sites to promote then My XXX Pass, Throated and Puma Swede would have to be at the top of my list but there are plenty of others there that might appeal to you more than the ones I picked.

Blazing Bucks offers pay per signup ranging from $25 to $30 or 50% recurring if you’re one of those who likes to spread their income out a little. They’ve also got a full range of promo materials to make an affiliate’s life really easy.

Peel Ads

If you’re not quite sure what a peel ad might be then let me explain. It’s an ad that fits into a normal web page but seems to curl back one of the corners of the page. When a surfer clicks on the ‘peel’ it takes him to a new page. It’s something different and you may find that lots of people will click on that just out of curiosity.

And now Spunky Cash is offering peel ads to their affiliates. You may not have heard of Spunky Cash either but they’ve been out there for some years running a program that features a lot of solo girl sites that feature non-nude softcore content. Spunky Cash offers a 50% revshare program along with a huge amount of promotional material for affiliates to use.

Check out the Spunky Cash listing here at Master Zone X and you’ll see that they really do have a lot of sites for you to promote. The girls are all teens but there is plenty of variety there to appeal to your surfers. While you may think that non-nude sites don’t convert or retain all that well Spunky Cash has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that there is a lot of attraction and a lot of stickiness for their sites so perhaps you should run a few tests to see just how appealing they might be for your traffic.

$75.00 per Trial

Traffic Gigolos have just announced a great offer for affiliates. From February 1 to February 7 Traffic Gigolos will pay $75 dollars for every sign-up sent to 10 of their sites. While they have a huge selection of sites in their portfolio only 10 are listed for this offer.

Check the Traffic Gigolos site for a full list of those 10 that will qualify you for the $75.00 deal but there a three sites there that stand out for me. Spank Him Hard and Sexy Lesbian Feet are going to attract your niche traffic and Kayla Banks will certainly appeal to guys who like teens and guys who enjoy solo girl sites.

Traffic Gigolos has plenty of promo material available so it should be easy to turn some of your surfers into hard cash with the great offer for those 10 sites.

High Definition

These days high definition sites seems to be all the rage as affiliates try to tap into market that caters for surfers on high-speed Internet connections. Of course if you’re promoting those sites you have to remember that you’re shutting yourself off from those on dial-up but if that’s what you want to do then High Def Riches is definitely a sponsor worth looking at.

I’ve been inside the sites in the High Def Riches portfolio and they certainly do provide some great content that will attract your surfers. They have 10 sites for you to promote including Exclusive Porn Pass - a site that sells on the basis of giving members access to all the other sites in their portfolio.

Other sites that are definitely worth looking at are Feet Pumpers, Spicy Matures and Meat Melons. Affiliates get plenty of top quality promo material including free hosted galleries that are updated every week.

Hot New Anal Tour

Freak Bucks has just announced a new tour for their and I have to say that it does look good. If you head over to the page here at Masterzone X you’ll still see the old tour in the screen grab but I can tell you that the new tour should convert very well.

Freak Bucks have managed to come up with one of the most explicit anal tours for that you’ll ever see so it’s definitely going to blow your surfers away and when you combine that tour with some of the natural hotties that have had their asses stretched for the site then it’s not going to be hard to get sales.

Freak Bucks have got fresh new free content for affiliates to use along with all the usual free hosted galleries, banners etc.

While you’re over at Freak Bucks check out some of their other sites because they’ve got some nasty niche sites such as Pregnant Freaks and Freaky Midgets too.

What’s In a Name?

Yappo Dollars has got to have one of the most unusual names when it comes to sponsors that I’ve ever come across. The name has had me intrigued for quite some time now and yesterday I finally got a chance to look at Yappo Dollars.

Straight off I have to tell you that it’s not the highest paying program you’ll ever see for it only pays 25% rev-share commission but that doesn’t mean you should forget about promoting them. Yappo Dollars has two sites … Yappo and Gay Yappo and if the name intrigued me then it’s going to intrigue your surfers too and a single banner or link could send a lot of traffic over to Yappo or Gay Yappo.

You’ll find that there are also some other options for affiliates when it comes to promoting Yappo Dollars and it’s something that could definitely be worth looking at regardless of what type of sites you’re running.

Lesser Known Sponsors 2

Yesterday I talked about the advantages of offering your surfers sites from sponsors that weren’t quite as well known as the sponsors that most people use. Today I thought we might look at another lesser-known sponsor who has some great sites for affiliates to promote.

Porno Payouts only has three sites for affiliates to promote but there’s no doubt that those three sites have got a lot of attraction for surfers. The three sites that Porno Payouts operates are Dark Dick - a very nasty interracial site; Movie Drive - the name says it all and Goo Girls - a cum site that really will blow your surfers away.

Porno Payouts not only offers $40.00 per join for affiliates but they also pay 70% rev-share if you like to keep cashing in on signups that you’ve already sent. You’ll find that Porno Payouts has plenty of promo tools for affiliates too.

A Lesser Known Sponsor

One of the biggest problems that all affiliates face is that we’re all promoting the same sites and that means that most of your surfers have already seen advertising for the sites your advertising. There are times when that can work for you but more often than not is simply a matter of over-exposure. That’s why it’s a good idea to go looking for good sites and sponsors that don’t get a lot of exposure.

Spunkbucks is one of those sponsors. They’ve got some great sites that you don’t see advertised all over the place … and they offer pay-per-signup too. Spunkbucks also have an interesting new gallery tool that should make live easy for their affiliates. That new tool is a custom point and click FHG builder/exporter that definitely looks interesting.

Those Spunkbucks sites that you should think about promoting include Eat Some Ass, Jizz on my Glasses and Spunk Mouth. Spunk Pass is also worth promoting because it makes the offer of all the sites for the price of one.

Very Tasty Promo

Tasty Dollars have announced a very tasty promo that will run for two weeks from January 19 right through to January 31 to celebrate the second birthday of Tasty Tara, a solo girl site that’s been quite popular over those whole two years.

Head over to the Tasty Dollars sites to get all the details and you’ll find that there are a range of bonuses depending on how many sales you send to Tasty Tara in that two week period. If you can send them 40 sales in that two week period you will earn a $600 bonus.

Also to celebrate the birthday of Tasty Tara Tasty Dollars have made some improvements to the tour so it should be even easier to make those all important sales. Tasty Dollars have also released some new galleries to join the more than 100 free hosted galleries and 20 free hosted sites that Tasty Dollars already has for affiliates to use.

Go Gay … or Bi

Just about every sponsor on the planet has at least one gay site in their portfolio but the sites that really do appeal to your gay surfers are often those that are produced by sponsors like Gay Gravy that specialize in the gay side of adult.

Gay Gravy only has a small portfolio of sites but each of the the sites that has gay focus is clearly targeted at a different niche and so you may find that they will be easier to sell to your gay and gay-curious surfers. Sites like Dirty Thirty Club, Brazil Blow and Leather Bang are all worth looking at and if you haven’t got a lot of gay traffic you’re sure to have quite a few surfers who are bi-curious and Gay Gravy has you covered there too.

Gay Gravy’s Bi Archive promises 100% bi content and the tour certainly seems to hit all the right buttons to appeal to bi guys. Not only that, Bi Archive is a movie download site so your surfers are definitely going to be interested.